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ADB's Focus on Urban Development

In the Spotlight

  • Livable Cities: Post-COVID-19 New Normal

    This livable cities guidance note aims to support cities in ADB's developing member countries to effectively respond to the crisis in the immediate term, and to ‘build back better’ in the short- and medium-term while continuously adapting to a ‘new normal’ with respect to human behaviors, social interactions, and business practices.

  • What makes a city livable?

    A new joint publication by four regional development banks explores global urban development trends and proposes solutions for cities in developing and emerging economies to become more livable. Read more

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  • Transforming Kota Kinabalu into a Nature Resort City

    A premier environmental program known as the Green City Action Plan or GCAP is planning to transform Malaysia's Kota Kinabalu into a nature resort city - one that is clean, green and livable.

  • 50 Climate Solutions from Cities in the People’s Republic of China

    This publication showcases 50 innovative case studies from cities in the People’s Republic of China that are mitigating against and adapting to climate change. Solutions being implemented in these cities are proving that reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment need not sacrifice economic prosperity.

ADB’s Vision of Livable Cities

Cities contribute to national economic growth, but they can be polluted and overcrowded. Asia’s rapidly developing cities face inadequate basic services, environmental degradation, and increasing poverty. “Livable Cities” is ADB’s vision and approach to urban development. ADB works to support the transformation of developing cities in the Asia and Pacific region into safe, sustainable urban centers.

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