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ADB's Focus on Water

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  • Water Financing Partnership Facility Semiannual Progress Report (January to June 2020)

    This penultimate report of the Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) covers the first half of the last year of the WFPF under its current version supporting ADB’s Water Financing Program until 2020. Project impact stories showcase how communities in Asia and the Pacific continue to benefit from WFPF, through the support of partners.?

  • Starting 11 August, the ADB Water Sector Group and Deltares are conducting a new seminar series on water resources management. In five fortnightly webinars, now open to the public, Deltares will share their expertise and tools on urban resilience, WASH and health, adaptive pathways, hydrological models and flood forecasting. .

  • Improved Toilets Create Healthy and Clean Living in Mongolia

    ADB, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is providing more sanitary water-tight pit latrines for 330 homes in Mongolia's Arvaikheer city.

  • Long-term Partnership Helps Deliver Modern Urban Services to Kolkata's Residents

    Kolkata’s partnership with ADB began with grants to strengthen municipal finance. In 2000, a?$250 million loan from ADB?funded?urgent improvements to sewerage and drainage. This was followed by a series of phased investments?to plan integrated urban development. Watch video

Water, like many of the world’s precious resources, is threatened by misuse, overuse, and pollution. In Asia and the Pacific, many countries are in a water crisis, and their expanding populations have increasing demands for water.

"Water for All" is ADB's vision for the Asia and Pacific region. ADB works to increase investments for better water services in cities and rural communities and careful management of water resources.

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